Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does a Battle of the Buffalo Ticket get me?
    -A ticket for battle of the buffalo will get you 16 wings and one canned drink.  Once you reach the ticket gate on the day of the event, you will exchange your BOTB ticket for 8 ticket stubs, worth 2 wings each, and a ticket for your drink.  You can use your wing tickets at multiple restaurants or all 8 of them at the same restaurant.  Although, in order to keep our lines moving quickly, you can only use 2 of your tickets (4 wings) at one time.  Then you can come back through and use more.
  • Do I have to buy a ticket to enter the event?
    -No, you are more than welcome to walk through the event and check out some of our vendors, sponsors, and kids zone.
  • If I buy a ticket, do I have to buy one for my kids too?
    -You only have to purchase a ticket if you want to eat wings.  If you purchase a ticket and want to bring your small children, they do not need a ticket unless they plan on eating.
  • What if I want another drink?
    -Additional drinks will be available for purchase for $1.